“My paintings are a translation on canvas of my thoughts and emotions: my strokes create recurring shapes that are deeply connected with my inner reality. I mainly work on raw canvas, using a mix of acrylic and oil paint, markers and charcoal. My art never goes through a sketch phase, because what I find truly important, what ultimately is the purpose of what I do, is to leave in the painting the authentic impression of what I am feeling in that precise moment.”

Lara Messina is a self taught abstract expressionist artist based in Italy. In her paintings the impulse to create is brought out by a wide, conscious use of mixed media and composition, which shows the dual nature of her education, both artistic and technical, and her inclination for graphic design.

Her journal-like approach carefully breaks down her experiences and rebuilds them into new, colour bursting shapes. Lara’s works convey her perception of life and events to the observers, turning introspection into reflection.